KEVM Specialty Services


Our mulching and grooming equipment is used for a large range of purposes, from reclaiming existing open drains to reclaming roadside reserves and removing individual shrubs and trees. We can mulch anything up to 300mm in diameter.

The benefits of using us and our equipment is that all existing vegetation is mulched and can be spread on site. There is no excess material to dispose of.

Waterways and Bridges

KEVM has been designing and engineering specialty equipment to assist us with all sorts of work.

KEVM engineered a unique conveyor to assist with batter stabilisation whilst working under bridge structures. This particular attachment has been very succesful in saving time and money while ensuring the bridge structure remains safe to use.

Drainage Solutions

KEVM designed and engineered a purpose built bucket that allows them to deliver drainage solutions that minimises the impact on the endangered Eastern Brown Bandicoot.

This bucket allows the cleaning of existing open drains without affecting the sides of the drainage embankment and minimises excess material which would require disposal.

Foot Path Paver

KEVM's latest purpose build equipment is the Foot Path Paver. This continues to prove unsurpassed for covering paths, and is even more effective when the work area is far from the site of the covering material. The trailer can hold 3.5 cubic metres of any material and can spread the product from 1m to 2m wide, and any thickness from 10mm to 150mm. KEVM can recover effected paths up to 1.5km per day.